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Monday, September 21, 2015

My Simple skincare routine | Lazy girl's guide to taking care of your skin

How I Take Care Of My Super Sensitive Skin

So before I get into my routine, I want to explain a little bit about my skin. I have sensitive, combination (dry in some areas, oily in others) skin. Most products cause me to break out so I like to keep the products I put on my face as simple as possible. I don't like to use things with added fragrance, or harsh ingredients, as they tend to cause irritations for me. The products that I use now, have greatly improved my skin and kept it clear. I've pretty much tried every skin care product under the sun and I find that the super fancy stuff just doesn't agree with my skin. Now that we got that out of the way let's get into my routine and the products that I use & love!

My Morning Skin Care Routine:

I don't like to wear makeup every day. I find it really important to let your skin breathe. Sometimes if I feel like my skin needs a little extra something i'll wear a light BB cream. I really like this one from Vichy - (Vichy Pro-Even Mineral BB Cream). It contains vitamin-c and minerals to promote a healthier looking complexion. I really like the idea of BB-cream, it not only perfects your skin when you wear it, but has long term benefits! That a win-win situation for me.

My Night-time Skin Care Routine:

I also take a variety of vitamin supplements to help clear my skin & make it glow, more about that here in an older post http://coffeemakeseverythingbetter.blogspot.com/2015/09/eat-for-for-perfect-skin-healthy-from.html.

Weekly Treatments:

  • Red Light Therapy - Red Light Therapy is a treatment that does it all, fades dark spots, evens skin tone, prevents aging, smooths skin, and clears acne. I try and get my red light therapy in at least twice a week. Many tanning salons offer this treatment. I go to Planet Beach for my Red Light Facial's. More about this here.
  • I like to use a good exfoliate on my skin once a week, sometimes i'll use my Clarisonic, and other times I use St. Ives apricot scrub
  • I treat my skin to an at home mask weekly, I am obsessed with the Miss Spa Facial Sheet Masks! It was extremely hard to find a sheet mask with no added dyes, fragrances, or parabens, Miss Spa masks are free of all these things.  

So there you have it, This is how I keep my skin clear & smooth, hope it was helpful to all my "sensitive skin peeps"


  1. Miss Spa facial sheets sound amazing! I hate when skincare products are full of chemicals and fragrances. Thanks for sharing :')
    x Aimee / abronzedbeauty.blogspot.com.au

    1. Your welcome! I hate added fragrance in my skincare products too!

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