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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Kitchen Organization Basics

De-Clutter & Organize:
Start by removing anything that is no longer of use to you. Gather items that you have not used in the past few months & will no longer use in the future. Donating these items is always a good idea, or setting up a small garage sale can be useful to bring in some extra cash. Next you'll want to organize all of the items you will keep. Start with one room at a time, for example, the kitchen. De-clutter those counters! Put away appliances. If you don't use the toaster on a daily basis, it's time to move it into the pantry (or cabinet). Keep decor simple, this will open up space in your kitchen, making the room look larger. Store kitchen rags/towels inside a drawer or canister, instead of hanging them off the stove. It is also a good idea to keep magnets on the fridge to a minimum. 

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Keep: Items used on a regular basis
Donate/Sell: Items that are no longer of use, or items that you own duplicates of. Things you could go without, that could possibly benefit someone else.
Store: Sentimental items you want to hold onto, yet do not need cluttering up your living space.
Trash/Recycle: Things that are no longer usable.

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Favorite Organization Products:

  • Spice Rack: A Spice Rack will help get all of your spices in order and in plain sight. You can get one pretty much anywhere, one of my personal faves is the Spicy Shelf. You can get it here. 
  • Foil/Saran Wrap Organizer: Keeps all of your foil, saran wrap, wax paper, and parchment paper in one place. You can get one here.
  • Under Cabinet K-cup holder: Attention coffee lovers! The Coffee Keepers under cabinet K-cup holder, takes up zero counter space, and stores all of your coffee cups in one place and out of sight. 
  • Kitchen tray & Cutting board rack: Organizing your baking sheets and cutting boards will not only free up tons of space inside your cabinets, but it will make them easy to see and remove from the cupboard. Pick one up here.
  • Under The Shelf Basket: You can use this shelf to free up space in you cabinet or pantry, and to add some extra storage. Its good for storing almost anything, from boxes of spaghetti to seasonings or zip-lock bags. You can get one from amazon, here. 
(Photo cred: Amazon.com)
(Photo cred: Amazon.com)
  • Grocery bag dispenser: One of my absolute favorite organizers for the kitchen! This dispenser holds up to 30 bags, and is super easy to install. It comes with double-sided tape adhered on the back, so you could easily attach it to your pantry wall, or the inside of one of your cabinets. You can pick one up here.
  • Tupperware Lid Organizer: Pop one of these baby's into a drawer to organize all of your Tupperware lids by size. You can get one here.
  • Pan Organizing Rack: Stops you from shifting heavy pans around to get to the one on the bottom. This rack keeps your pans easily accessible and in plain sight. Pick one up here.
  • Stack-able can organizer: Keeps all of your canned goods together. This is so perfect for the pantry! Get one here. 

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